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Climate Change | The Biggest Story of Our Time [2 Videos]

Climate Change | The Biggest Story of Our Time [2 Videos]

Harrison Ford all people need nature.

by John Brian Shannon

Climate Change. James Cameron says it is “the biggest story of our time” in a fresh nine-part documentary series airing on SHOWTIME that looks at our Earth, its climate and the effects of changing climate on people and local economies. Actors, celebrities, economists and political leaders set out as reporters to travel the globe in search of the effects of climate change.


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Wealth Distribution in America | Off the charts!

Wealth Distribution in America | Off the charts!

Actual Distribution of Wealth in America
Wealth Distribution in America is not what you think it is!

Watch this 6-minute video to see just how wrong our perceptions are about how the total wealth of the United States is shared between all these different socio-economic groups of people. “The Poor” and “The Middle Class” and “The Rich” are compared to “The Wealthy” in this video. What you will see is mind-blowing.

The total wealth of the…

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A Turning Point for African Economies: Building a prosperous future

eLearning Africa

Building a prosperous future at eLearning Africa 2014

Press Release, March 10th, 2014: More than ever before, Africans are turning to ICT-supported learning to grow their economies. In 2013, the eLearning Africa Report found that 40% of African technology-assisted learning professionals were using ICTs specifically for skills training, up from 18% the previous year. The benefit of ICT-supported…

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The In-home Battery System. Are we ready for this?

The In-home Battery System. Are we ready for this?

JBS News Renewable Energy. In-Home Battery systems. Image by Solarcity/Tesla

by John Brian Shannon.

Ever since low priced solar panels hit the market, it has become obvious that low priced in-home battery systems are the next logical step for our modern, but still evolvingenergy grid. Installing solar panels on your rooftop has never been easier, as panel prices have fallen in price by 80% over the past two years and installation rebate programs are generous in many…

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By 2026, America’s Largest Grid Could Reach 30% Renewable Energy

By 2026, America’s Largest Grid Could Reach 30% Renewable Energy

JBS Renewable Energy. PJM-Interconnection-territory

by Silvio Marcacci.

A new study reveals America’s largest grid operator could exponentially increase the amount of solar and wind electricity on its system, while lowering consumer costs and emissions, without negative effects on reliability.

JBS News Renewable Energy. PJM Interconnection footprint image via CleanTechnica

JBS News Renewable Energy. PJM Interconnection footprint image via CleanTechnica

The PJM Renewable Integration Study, prepared for PJM Interconnection by…

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Iowa Wind Power at 27%, builds taller and innovative wind towers

Iowa Wind Power at 27%, builds taller and innovative wind towers

JBS News. Renewable Energy. Wind Power. Iowa wind power

by Tina Casey.

We were just talking about GE’s new taller wind turbine tower, which will hit the market next week at a whopping 139 meters, when along comes the latest American Wind Energy Association wind power report showing that the great state of Iowa now gets about 27 percent of its electricity from wind.With the tallest turbine in Iowa reaching only 94 meters, imagine what’s going to happen…

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Utility company insiders see large scale energy changes ahead

Utility company insiders see large scale energy changes ahead

JBS News Renewable Energy. EV-charging-utilities

by Zachary Shahan.

The folks at Utility Dive recently conducted its first annual survey of 500+ US utility professionals, The State of the Electric Utility. Overall findings? Utility insiders see the industry changing considerably over the coming decade, with a particular focus on greening the grid.

Some of the overall findings included:

  • 95% anticipate that their utility’s regulatory model will…

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Solar Power + Sea Water = Sahara Forest

Solar Power + Sea Water = Sahara Forest

Renewable Energy. Solar Power. Sahara Forest Project

by Tina Casey.

The folks over at Sahara Forest Project have just alerted the Twitterverse that their new pilot facility in Qatar is good to go, and since we’ve been following that project since 2008 we’ll jump at the chance to update you on its progress from high concept to working hardware.

Sahara Forest concept courtesy of Sahara Forest Project.

Renewable Energy. Solar Power. Reverse desertification. A new solar power plant in Qatar uses solar…

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Solar Jobs For Veterans: New Report Highlights Growth

Solar Jobs For Veterans: New Report Highlights Growth

Renewable Energy. Solar Power. Veterans solar jobs

by Tina Casey.

Fresh off the news that President Obama is making noises about withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan, the organizations Operation Free and The Solar Foundation have released a first-of-its-kind report that offers returning veterans the prospect of civilian employment in the US solar industry. In a nutshell, the new report demonstrates that veterans are employed in the solar…

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US Air Force completes biggest military Solar installation

US Air Force completes biggest military Solar installation


by Tina Casey.

It looks like the Air Force wins the week in terms of military renewable energy projects. The biggest military solar power plant in the US has just been completed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, a 16.4 megawatt installation that is expected to save about $500,000 in electricity costs yearly and provide about 35 percent of the base’s electricity needs.

Renewable Energy at Davis Monthan Air Force base

Renewable Energy…

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